23 June 2013

After a very Long Hiatus, Ankamil Yepuda is BACK!

Why, hello there! I know, I know... It's been a while since I last blogged. Well, what can I say, too many things came up! Anyway, here I am, back in the blogging world and hopefully (with fingers and toes crossed), I can keep you guys posted as regularly as possible (is there such phrase?) about my whims and fancies and experiences and daydreams and whatnots. 

Hmmm... For now, I just want all you guys to know that I am back and that I am still alive and kickin'.

Once I am done posting this entry, I'll start working on creating a list of stuff that I would like to share with you guys right away. I mean, I just told you that TOO many things came up right? So, I think that means that I have A LOT of stuff to talk about. So there.



Happy Sunday everyone!

PS. Oh! By the way, do you have any question you wanna ask me or a topic you want me to write about? Just drop me a line or two and I'll definitely get back on you.