28 January 2014

My! Oh My!

Well, well, well...

Here I am, back to the blogging world and still unsure of what to really blog. The Jane of All Trade in me just wants to do all sorts of things and share them all to the world wide web but funny how things have turned out so far for me. Not a single post since I tested blogging via a tablet. Haha!

Anyway, I don't know if I'll be able to really keep this blog active and updated regularly but I will try. I REALLY do have many things I wanna share with everyone but let's just say it's either I'm caught up with some other important stuff or I'm too darn lazy to get my already fat (and getting fatter by the day) fingers typing away.

But you see, I made a progress today. I decided to log in and write this entry right now. Aren't you proud of me?

So right now, let me just give you a heads up of the things that I am thinking of sharing with you guys in the following days. Basically, it's gonna be an "anything goes" kind of stuff. It can be a new dish that I cooked or a new junk food I tried or a new place I've checked out or a couple of "lucky" shots I was able to take of some random animals or plants (or garbage?) or a new restaurant I've tried or some girly haul I recently bought and the list goes on. 

But don't worry. I'll do my best to keep each of my posts as interesting (Hey! It can even be educational!) as it could be so that you won't feel I robbed you of your precious time in the end.

As of this moment, let me just share with you a "lucky" shot of a pigeon I was able to take a couple of weeks ago. What do I mean by "lucky"? Hmmm, it means that I think the shot was a pretty decent snap that it can be shared with others. So here it is...

Hello there Mr. Birdie! Why are you copying me?