19 November 2012

My First Authentic Non-Local Meal

Even before I arrived in this foreign land, I already resigned to the fact that I will not be enjoying my usual dose of comfort food that I usually have back home. Gone are the days of stuffing my mouth with sizzling sisig, chicharon, siomai and chickenjoy. Now, I say hello to tandoori, masala, tikka and kebab. Don't get me wrong though. I enjoy the Chicken Tandoori that Riju orders from our nearby tandoori shop every now and then but of course, nothing beats one's mom's home cooked dishes. But enough of the drama! Let me share with you my first authentic local food from this new place that I consider my home away from home.

Riju's hearty thali (plate) consisted of butter chicken, dal, roti, rice, veggie curry and gulab jamun.
My order consisted of roti, mutton kebab and chicken tandoori.
Not happy with what we already have, we also ordered some Chicken Tikka. LOL
 Our entire order. Bow.

Just to let you know, we ate at the food court from a nearby mall and I must say that I actually enjoyed the food. All the dishes that we ordered tasted quite good for a very picky eater like me and they are affordable too. Too bad I forgot the name of the food stall where we ordered our food but I will update this post once I got the answer on my hands.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Til next time!

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