17 November 2012

Six Months and Two Days

It has been six months and two days since I last stepped my feet on my homeland and if you ask me, I feel like I've been away from home longer than those figures that I have given you earlier. You see, this is my first time to be away not only from my beloved country but more importantly, away from my family. I have a very good reason why I had to leave but there are moments when the inevitable "homesickness" happens and I could not help but wish that I am back home and just spend time with my loved ones and eat my mama's home cooked dishes that are the best in the whole wide world. Where I am right now is where I should be and that this is what I should consider home at least for the time being. Where am I from? Where am I right now? You will know the answers in the coming days so I hope that you will stick around.

It does not matter if it's tomorrow or after ten years but someday, I will finally be back in my beloved homeland.

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