20 November 2012

Why I Never Went Hungry During That Very Long Train Ride

One of the most important things that a person has to prepare if he is about to take a more than a day train journey is his food. I was a bit worried about that part of our journey because I really do not want to end up having an upset stomach just because I ate bad train food. Anyway, once our trip has started and Riju and I have settled nicely in our berths, food vendors selling all kinds of food and drinks started passing by our compartment offering us all sorts of chips, candies, lassi, and whatnot. And being the monster that he is, Riju bought some dirt cheap samosas for snacks. I must tell you, the samosas were served hot like it's freshly made. I was never really a samosa fan and well, my fear of getting a stomachache got the best of me so I resorted to the snacks that we bought earlier from a nearby grocery shop.

Riju's samosa. It's just 5 rupees a piece!
Before dinner, a train employee asked us if we want to order our meals for the night and since we only brought with us snack food, Riju ordered a non-vegetarian thali/platter for us. I was really hesitant about the idea of eating train food at first but what the heck! I'm hungry and I need food if I want to keep my tummy happy.
Our train food consisted of a very spicy chicken curry, dal and rice. It was actually tasty.
The next day, for breakfast, Riju ordered omelette sandwiches for us. I was not able to take pictures of the sandwiches since I was too famished to even take out the camera from the bag.

Whenever the train stops at a bustling station for a good ten to fifteen minutes, train passengers can get down and buy food from the food vendors at the station. The variety is a lot and for the wary passengers, they can opt for fruits like bananas that are very cheap, chips (they have Lay's), cookies and other kinds of biscuits to stuff their hungry bellies.

One of the many food vendors at a train station.
A place for people who want to eat dishes with meat, poultry or fish.
This is the place to be for vegetarians travelers.
We travelled by train back and forth and we ordered the same food on board and you know what, I enjoyed the dishes and I came back home with a happy and healthy belly!

What about you, do you have any on-board dining experience that you would like to share with us?

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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