04 March 2014

How About in a Tree House? Our Accomodations During Our Palawan Trip

One of the most important aspects in every trip is the place where you will stay. I understand if there are people who would say that it doesn't matter where you'll be staying at if you'll just stay there during the night for some good snooze. It makes sense especially if one is being practical. However, it wouldn't hurt if you'll be choosy about your accommodation even just for a little bit if you are going somewhere to celebrate something special like in our case, we are on our honeymoon.

During our 5D4N honeymoon in Palawan back in 2011, we never really intended to stay at 2 places but our first choice couldn't accommodate the full four nights of our stay so we did not have a choice but to book another place.

We wanted to try something unique and special at that time and I have read about this resort in Puerto Princesa that offers a tree house for a room. I told Babs about it and he liked it so that was our first choice.


Clever! A spot where guests can take souvenir photos.
Dangkalan's Reception Area
For the first two nights, Dangkalan Resort became our home away from home. We were actually lucky to get the tree house for two consecutive nights because as I've said earlier, they could not accommodate our entire stay in Palawan because someone else had book the same room before we did on the dates of our last two nights. And mind you, there is only ONE tree house in the entire resort so we got really lucky at that time.

Look! There's our tree house! We stayed at the top room.
Rain maker on our door.
Our amazing view from the tree house.
What I really like about the Dangkalan Tree House is its rustic vibe. Once you enter the room, it contains the basic stuff you'll need during your stay such as a nice big bed good enough for two or even three if you have a small child with you, a television (with no cable though), an AC and a basic bathroom. I mean come on, you want to live in a tree house and you expect it to have 5 star room features? Where's the fun in that? Besides, the priceless thing about the tree house is the view you get to see whenever you open the door. It's beach front baby!

Front facade of Microtel
Our room was the second door on the right.
On our third day in the island, we left Dangkalan Resort and transferred to Microtel Inn & Suites. It is a hotel chain in the country that have other branches in places such as Boracay and Manila. I don't know what happened during the reservation of our room. We specifically requested for a beach front room on the second floor of the building but somehow during our check in, they were initially giving us a ground floor beach front room. Of course we refused and thank God our travel agency was able to rectify the situation with Microtel.

Back facade that faces the beach.
Pool area and the dining area where breakfast buffet is served.
Another angle of the pool with the back facade (right) facing the beach (left).
Our room consists of two double beds with a nice flat screen tv (with poor cable connection though) and a nice bathroom. Oh! Just a quick fyi for you guys. Did you know that we were in Palawan busy island hopping and all that when Japan experienced the strongest earthquake ever and thousands were killed because of the tsunami? I mean, thank God Palawan was not one of the other places who got tsunami warnings because if that happened, maybe I wouldn't be here now sharing my experiences and ramblings with you guys.

Anyways, back to the topic, now, if you ask me which one is better than the other, it actually depends on the kind of accommodation that you are looking for. If you are looking for something unique or that you really want to feel the country vibe of Palawan, you may want to consider Dangkalan Resort for that matter. But if you are after modern and stylish, then maybe Microtel is what you need.

I hope this post will help you even just for a bit if you are still on the lookout for the perfect accommodation in Palawan. And if you are reading this for time pass, I hope I still entertained you even just a little.


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