27 February 2020

WAHM - What is It About

Work At Home Mom | Work At Home Mother | WAHM

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Work AHome Mother or simply put WAHM, is a woman who has a child (or children) that she takes care of at home but at the same time finds time to work and earn money while doing the job at home.

In this day and age, it is not new to find a mother who does not only take care of the household but also runs a company or reports to her clients or manages her own business.

Basically, the roles of mothers have evolved over the years making them now as providers/co-providers for the family.

So what exactly can a WAHM do?

1. Online English Tutorial

2. Virtual Assistance

3. Data Entry Encoding

4. Transcriptions

5. Content Writing

6. Social Media Management

7. Online Selling

8. Vlogging

9. Consultancy

10. Customer Service

And the list goes on...

These women are just unstoppable!

And you know what is amazing about this? It is the fact that they get the job done at home!

So you see, there are so many job opportunities available online that moms can take advantage of. It is basically up to them to find out which niche they think they're good at and then take it from there.

It is not easy for sure especially with all the household chores that need to be done, children to be taken cared of and husband to served. However, it is possible.

No wonder mothers are considered as one of the modern day heroes these days.

So, have you got something else to add to the list? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section.

One of the countless WAHMs all over the world,

Ann Mathew

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