05 December 2012

Dear Winter, I Love You but then I Hate You Too

I grew up in a tropical country where the only seasons I am aware of are summer season and rainy season. And now that I am located yet in another country that is famous for its soaring temperature during the summers, at this moment, I am experiencing the cold winter season, apparently they have it here also, for the first time and I am telling you, I love and hate it the same time.

Now, let me tell you the reasons why I love the winter season.
Yours truly chillin' like a boss in our living room.
  • Not having to feel the icky and exhausting Delhi heat is something that I am very pleased about.
  • I get to try on winter clothes that I've been dreaming of wearing but could not because back in my country, it does not get that cold unless we go somewhere high up in the mountains.
  • I dont really need to worry about sweating.
  • It makes me appreciate hugs and snuggling even more.

Okay, now that we're done with the positive things that make me love winter season, let me tell you this time the reasons why I hate it.
Yours truly tryin' to get some sunshine and warmth while I'm at our rooftop.
  • Since we do not have a boiler or any kind of air conditioner that can keep the temperature inside our house warm, once the coldness gets nasty, the chilling effect of a very low temperature really seeps in my bones and it's not fun at all.
  • And since we do not have an automatic water heater system, tap water is like water from the fridge and man! It can wake up all the senses in you once it starts gushing on your hands. We have a heating rod that we can use to heat water for stuff like bathing.
  • Because I am not used to this kind of weather, my body's still adjusting to it but still, I easily feel cold which can really be a tough thing to shake away especially when I just woke up from my sleep.
  • The coldness makes me wanna do nothing at times but just bury myself under our thick blanket.

I guess I just have to be thankful that at least it does not snow here because I'm sure that it is going to be very difficult for me to get by each day considering that we do not have a central heater at home. Or who knows, maybe the setup will be different around here if it does snow in this place.

It's funny because I'm already complaining of the cold weather when in fact, winter is just starting and the temperature will drop even more as days go by. For some days now, I find myself wishing that I am back home in my country, braving the heat and humidity because I think it's more bearable than the cruel winter cold but then again, maybe it's because I'm used to my tropical climate.

Oh well...

What about you, do you love winter or do you hate it? Or are you just like me who both love and hate this cold season at the same time?

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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