10 February 2014

Birthday Dinner at Yo! China

Last week, Babs and I celebrated my birthday at Yo! China, the biggest Chinese restaurant chain in India.

The moment we sat down, we were handed two kinds of menus. One Yo! China menu and the other is a menu for Indian dishes. Apparently, there are two restaurants inside that room. One that serves Chinese food and the other Indian. Forgive me for I forgot the name of the Indian resto. I think, it's a pretty smart move for the owner(s). They are hitting two birds with one stone.

Love their condiment containers!

Free appetizers include (L-R) kimchi, peanuts, veggie sticks

Moving forward, we ordered a total of 3 dishes. I had the Crispy Lamb and Har Gao which are both Chinese dishes and Babs ordered the Hyderabadi Biryani from the Indian menu. Har Gao was served first and I was kinda disappointed with the taste because it was not the same taste that I was expecting it to be. Also, I think the wrapper was quite thick that it can overpower the filling. The next dish that was served was Babs' Biryani. I didn't taste it but Babs said it was okay so I guess it's a good sign. It just didn't swoon him swoon. Now, the last dish that was served (it actually took longer than expected) was my Crispy Lamb but it didn't disappoint. The taste was how I wanted it to be.

Har Gao

Hyderabadi Biryani

Crispy Lamb

Overall, I could say that we had a good dining experience at Yo! China. The serving was pretty impressive for all three dishes. The prices are quite reasonable. The service was excellent. The ambience was very good. So yeah, we will definitely come and visit again in the future.

Anyone wants some mouth freshener?

Hope I didn't make you crave for some Chinese food right now!

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