07 February 2014

Petaled Fairies

Flowers are probably one of the most beautiful creations of God that we humans get to enjoy. They are so lovely that they have become one of the staples when it comes to celebrating wonderful events in our lives such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. The calmness and soothing effect of flowers are so powerful that we even use them to decorate funerals of deceased loved ones. We even make it a point that we bring a bunch or even just one long stemmed rose (or whatever type of flower one prefers to bring) to the cemetery when visiting those who have already passed perhaps as a symbol of commemorating them.

You might be asking why the heck am I writing about flowers? Well, I'm just inspired by the blooming buds of the many kinds of flowers here in this small town where we (Babs and I) are currently staying. That's why. I'm actually thinking of buying at least three potted flower plants this weekend to decorate our balcony. Over here, I saw flowers that are as big as my face when in full bloom and I'm just in awe of them because I've never seen something like those before.

Now, let me share with you some snaps I took last Christmas of those hard to resist petaled fairies! Yep, I think they're fairies wearing petals instead of wings! Oh! And if you happen to know their names, please do let me know. I only know roses, sunflowers and tulips. Oh dear!

Anywho, enjoy!

Aren't they photogenic?

What about you, what's your favorite flower?

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