15 February 2014

So, What Did You Get (or Do) Yesterday?

So yeah, yesterday was Friday AND it also happened to be Valentine's Day so the love air was thicker than the usual, it was raining hearts and kissy lip marks, the flowers were looking lovelier (and more expensive too!), teddy bears appeared cuter than ever, chocolates disappeared from grocery shelves and racks lightning fast, on the spot dinner reservations were impossible and hotels (and motels) were fully booked! Why! Oh! Why!

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit but you know exactly what I was trying to say right? Anyway, since we are already talking about the stuff that usually happen during this time of the year, let's talk about what you got (or did) yesterday. I sincerely hope that you had a great day yesterday with your special someone. And if otherwise, I pray that you will soon meet THE one.

As for me, I received awesome gifts from Babs yesterday. Although technically speaking, he actually gave me my Valentine's Day presents several days before the actual day. He gifted me loads of chocolates and a beautiful salwar kameez. You see, he's not really into V-Day because he thinks it's all about commercialism but since he knows I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, he still went ahead with it. That's an A in my record book.

Of course I want to give Babs something special too but since he's not a big fan of presents and there's not plenty of options around anyway (we stay in a small town you see), I've decided to give him a surprise dinner instead. I cook dinner for him most of the time but yesterday, I prepared one of his favorite Indian dishes called bharta, the only Indian dish that I know how to cook. I served it with a number of other stuff like my own salad invention. I'm so glad that he loved everything and that I successfully gave him a good surprise. He swore that he didn't see it coming so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for me!

Love is truly a wonderful thing not only to have but also to give. It may be cheesy, corny and even lousy for the cynic minded but it is also VERY powerful. So powerful that it can melt hearts, wash away tears, move mountains, cross the deepest oceans and go on even after death.

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