19 February 2014

A Quick Stop at Cafe Coffee Day

I have a confession to make. I am a late bloomer coffee lover. No, not the coffee afficionado kind of person who talks crazy about coffee beans and all that. I just love drinking coffee. That's it. You see, while growing up, the elders in our house made me drink Milo, a choco-malt energy drink, every morning for breakfast. Not that I am complaining about that but they also told me that drinking coffee will hinder my growth. I also remember that when I was still young, I tried to drink coffee but the only taste that lingered in my mind was its bitterness so because of that, I decided to stay away from it for good or at least that's what I thought during that moment. Also, being the goody two shoes that I am, I obligingly drink Milo every single day even up until my college years because it IS actually a good energy booster during breakfast time. And you know what, I actually still do drink Milo (or Cadbury's Bourn Vita) every now and then when cravings are too hard to ignore. Anyway, it's not like choco-malt drinks are bad for you.
Our coffee at home.
Moving forward, my love for coffee actually started when my youngest sister got addicted to coffee. During that time, I wondered how can she like such kind of drink that taste nothing but bitterness. Then my mother bought this 3-in-1 coffee mix that almost all people (the exception was me) in our household like drinking. Because of that, I grew even more curious as to what makes them like coffee so much and so I made myself a cup of that hot beverage and what do you know? The moment the liquid hit my taste buds, I quickly understood why people become cranky and go crazy in the morning (or whatever time of the day it is) if they don't get to drink their coffee.

Starbucks is perhaps the most famous cafe chain in the world as of the moment but here in India, Starbucks was just recently introduced to the people and that its branches are limited and are located in the most modern cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

My very first Cafe Coffee Day drink!

However, that does not mean that if you are not in those locations, you will not find a decent coffee shop that can cater to all your caffeine needs. Cafe Coffee Day is the star in this country when it comes to coffee, dishes that go with coffee perfectly and other hot and cold beverages.

Maybe we came during the off peak hours.
I like the variety. It keeps things interesting.
Seeing the Cafe Coffee commercials on tv almost everyday made me want to try their offers. So after my birthday dinner, Babs and I had a quick stopover at Cafe Coffee Day on the way home so I can at least try one of their hot blends. When we reached the place, we were kind of surprise to find it empty but maybe because its not the time of the day when people flock the area or maybe its because the location of the cafe is not that promising. Anyway, so I ordered one Cafe Latte to go and in fairness, the hot beverage was good.

Goofy photo of yours truly while Babs is counting the change.

I know I will have to come back again at Cafe Coffee Day in the future because I still have to fulfill my curiosity about the rest of their menu. Hopefully, once we're there to eat breakfast or whatever, they'll never disappoint because if they are that good, we will definitely come back again and again and again and again...

Witty! I like!

PS. So I quickly checked online how many branches does this coffee shop chain has in our little town and guess what, we have SEVEN branches in total! Crazy right?

Can't wait to try Cafe Coffee Day's dishes soon!

How about you, are you a coffee lover too?

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