14 April 2014

My April Challenge

Since I had a hard time completing last month's challenge, I decided to keep this month's goals a bit easier to achieve. Not because so I can succeed in all of them without exerting much effort because I know I still will but because I want it to be more realistic and more practical with my current situation.

I know I am starting this monthly challenge two weeks late but I believe that I can still definitely do a lot of good things for the rest of the month. And it's not like I was not doing anything productive lately. It just so happens that I got caught up with personal matters and other stuff that I did not have the time, the energy and yeah, even the motivation to log in and share something with you. Anyways, I think what matters now is that I am back and I am ready to share some awesome experiences and learnings to every online reader who will stumble upon my blog.

Now moving forward, so for the rest of April, I've decided to publish at least 10 posts for this blog (AY = Ankamil Yepuda). I need to halt my second blog right now because I do not have the time for it since I am working on something else as of the moment.

As for my health goals, I will still do my best to do some exercises at least once a week but for this month, I will focus more on what my body is taking in and I think drinking green smoothie and limiting my rice intake are both good starters. Also, since I gained back (sadly) the 1 inch I lost last February on my waistline, I will do my best to lose it back again at the end of this month. Lastly, my last goal, learn to cook two new dishes, will not only feed my hungry belly but it will also enrich my cooking knowledge.

So there you have it! I shall now log out and start working on these goals and I'll meet you all again by the end of the month or on the 1st of May hopefully to share with you the good news about succeeding this month's challenge!

Enjoy the rest of the month guys!

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