14 April 2014

My March Challenge? FAIL!

Whenever I look at My March Challenge, I could not help but sigh a deep sigh because all of my goals were not really that difficult to accomplish and yet, I still failed a couple of them.

It's just that last month was kind of a crazy month for me due to personal matters and forgive me because I will not be giving further details about it because I'd like to keep them private. It's just that it can be really challenging to accomplish something properly when your mind is preoccupied with something else. Also, the continuously warming and humid weather is not helping especially when it comes to working out.

So yeah, because I failed my March challenge, I am gonna have to sacrifice something. I have been dreaming of and drooling for some ice cream lately because of the summer heat. But because I didn't achieve all my goals last month, I will not allow myself to have any of that cold, creamy, smooth and sweet goodness until the rest of April.

I know that it's almost the third quarter of April now but I believe that I can still accomplish goals before the month ends so I am still gonna give it a go. Find out what my goals are for this month on the next post which will be up right after this one.

What about you, did you meet or are you meeting your personal goals as of this moment? And what do you do when you fail to accomplish them?

Feel free to share your experiences guys!

Stay tuned because my April Challenge post is up next!

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