13 April 2014

Still Alive and Very Much Kicking!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Ankamil Yepuda is still alive and very much kicking!

See? I'm still here!!!

My apologies for the lack of posts for the past few weeks. I got tied up with some very important personal matters hence my absence in the online world. Anyways, I'm back and have already lined up a number of posts that I will be publishing in the coming days so watch out for them.

In order to really make up for my absence, I'll be sharing with you guys a couple of awesome places that you can include in your must visit bucket list, food trip ideas and some simple but awesome recipes for a healthier you. I hope that you will enjoy and even get a few tips from them once they are up.

Also, for those who have read about my monthly challenges, you may be asking now, "Whatever happened to your March challenge and why have you not shared with us your April challenge til now?". Worry no more because I have a separate post for that which will be published next after this one.

So yeah, I hope you guys had a great weekend! It's getting warmer and warmer here where we are currently staying at. If only there's a nearby beach here that we can visit and soak ourselves in. In my homeland, the Philippines, this is that time of the year wherein it is all about hitting the waters! Oh well...

Take me back to the waters pretty please!!!

What about you? Do you have an upcoming summer getaway? Or do you have a spring break plan?

Well, whatever your plan is, just don't forget to slather some sunscreen lotion on your skin specially your face before heading out!

Have an awesome Spring Break or Summer Vacation (depends on what part of the planet you're from) y'all!

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