24 March 2014

My DIY Bookshelf Project

I am a fan of DIY projects and that is why I love Pinterest so much. I think almost any kind of project you are looking for, may it be a DIY drawer or how to decorate a dull wall on your own, you will find inspiration in Pinterest.

Last December, we (Babs and I) moved out from New Delhi and transferred to Jarkhand, another state in India. We really didn't plan on bringing with us our book collection since they are a lot and well, we didn't wanna include buying a bookshelf in our to-buy list.

However, when our stuff from New Delhi finally arrived at our new location, we found out that my father-in-law actually also let the packer and mover company ship our book collection! Hahaha!

And since buying a new bookshelf will be very impractical because we don't really plan on staying in this place for a long time, I've decided to consult Pinterest for some suggestions on DIY bookshelf. I was so thrilled when I saw how creative people recycled some old stuff or even junk from their own homes and made those stuff into one of a kind awesome bookshelves!

Photo Credits: www.pinterest.com
I immediately surveyed all the stuff that we have and my eyes darted at the pallet that the packer and mover company used for our flat screen tv. I knew that was what I needed! I checked the entire pallet and removed just a couple of planks that were nailed diagonally on both sides of the pallet (I assumed it was for extra protection) and removed a few splinter prone / husk like stuff that were sticking out from the edges of the planks and that was it!

This is my main peg for my very own DIY bookshelf. Photo Credits: www.pinterest.com
Check out the finished product below. Oh by the way, the picture was taken during the holidays hence our Christmas tree in the background. Haha!

Presenting my very own DIY bookshelf! Mission accomplished!
So wachuthink about my DIY bookshelf project? I didn't bother painting the pallet because I want it to look as raw and as rustic as it could be. I think it makes it look more awesome and natural. I tossed a festive stole on top of it and put a picture of Babs and I on it and thought it looked great!

What about you, any DIY project you might wanna share with us?

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